Elizabeth Keithline

(The Air) As It Moves

Curated by Viera Levitt, this was a site-specific solo installation that responded to the air flow of the University Art Gallery at UMass Dartmouth in New Bedford running from May – September, 2019.

It ran during the inaugural Design Art Technology Massachusetts (DATMA) Festival, titled Summer Winds. Participating artists included Spencer Finch, Renee Piechocki, Brandon Forrest Frederick, and Light Society.

(The Air) As It Moves used hanging wire objects to create a play of light and shadows as they moved in the air. These abstract shapes illustrated a “memory” of suspended skeletal, swaying wire beams and rafters that invited viewers to contemplate the invisible forces at work in their lives, forces seen only because of their ancillary activity, never directly. Viewers were invited to move through the gallery and, by doing so, gently activate the installation.

Throughout the summer, the walls were hung with paper and populated by traced shadows, which made it hard to distinguish the real from the drawn, creating a disorienting and off-balance feeling in homage to sets for the movie Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. During AHA! Nights, the public was invited to trace the shadows and take their drawings home. The gallery also hosted performance artist Paula Hunter who danced to music written and performed by Jeff Keithline.