Elizabeth Keithline

Sculpture & Shadow

In 2019, under the auspices of curator Viera Leavitt, Keithline suspended a series of wire sculptures in the University Art Gallery at UMass Dartmouth. The abstract shapes created a playful “memory” of skeletal wire beams and rafters. Light passed through the wire mesh to create organic, lacy “drawings” that were ever-changing, creating a playful, yet disorienting feeling. Viewers were invited to move through the gallery, gently pushing the lightweight, durable sculptures and tracing their shadows in pencil on sheets of paper.

In 2021, working with curator Jen Hicks at Jane Street Art Center in Saugerties, New York, Keithline exhibited traced, painted 8' x 4' banners as well as smaller works. She also created a room-sized installation of wire formations and again invited members of the public to trace the shadows, creating drawings to either take home or to leave on exhibit for the duration.

Shadow play during the show opening
Sky Ground 1, 11 x 9"
Sky Ground 3, 12 x 9"
Sky Ground 4, 14 x 12"
Water Sky, 14 x 12"
Down the Mountainside, 11 x 14"
Mountain Ground II, 9 x 12"
Vast 2021, 12 x 9"


An interview on WKZE Radio 98.1 FM — Listen to Liz talk to WKZE radio hosts about the new Shadow Paintings show that hung at 11 Jane Street in August and September of 2021.