Downtown Dreamtown

Downtown Dreamtown was installed on the portico of One Summer Street, Boston. MA from May 27 through October 24, 2016.

Using details from downtown addresses as a takeoff point, Keithline exhibited​ 8 sculptural facades that focus​ed​ on the variety and beauty of Boston's many-layered architectural landscape. Keithline interpret​ed​ the buildings as some of the city’s original public art installations, created at a time when buildings were still made by hand and rudimentary machine, using large amounts of skilled and unskilled craftspeople and laborers. The project focus​s​e​d​ on and appreciate​d​ the collaborative aspect of the creation of downtown by many tradespeople over centuries.

Included in the installation we​re a re-imagination of the belfry on the Burnham Building at 1 Franklin Street, the gargoyles on the Druker Building at the Corner Mall and multiple windows and doors at 15 Winter Street, 1 and 15 State Street, 100 Franklin Street and 125 Summer Street.

Downtown Dreamtown wa​s sponsored by the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, and was done in collaboration with the Druker Company, Oxford Properties, Markley Properties and Millennium Properties. The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) is a private, non-profit corporation created and maintained by property owners. Their mission is to transform Downtown Boston through programs and supplemental services that meet area needs.