Smarter, Faster, Higher

“Smarter/Faster/Higher” symbolizes mankind’s evolution, particularly as it relates to our use of technology. It asks the question, ‘As technology increases our mental capacity, does it make us “better”?’ ‘Will our relationship to nature change as technology changes us? The installation consists of full-scale woven wire human figures that move across the space of a gallery. Crawling from a group of wire trees on one side, they slowly begin to walk, then run, then stretch to ascend the opposite wall.

“A Tool Is A Mirror” is curated in dialogue with “Smarter, Faster, Higher”. It features the work of Aerostatic with vade (aka Anton Marini), Sheila Gallagher, Dennis Hlynsky, Brian Kane, Duncan Laurie, Rupert Nesbitt and Erik Sanner. “A Tool Is A Mirror” asked artists to respond to the sentence Every keyboard reflects a hand and every screen an eye. In 2011 it was exhibited at the UMass Amherst Incubator Project Space, Amherst, MA; Mobius, Boston, MA; and The Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA.

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"Smarter, Faster, Higher" is conceived and woven by Elizabeth Keithline and sculpted in collaboration with Jeff Keithline.

Photos by Peter Goldberg and James Visser