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Lynne Harlow Resonance

Lynne Harlow

How little is enough?  How much can be taken away before a piece crumbles?  I arrive at my pieces by reducing physical and visual information.  This process of reduction, a steady taking away, is ultimately intended to be an act of generosity.  In each piece I’m looking for the point at which these reductions allow me to give the most.  It’s an appealing contradiction because it prompts one to reconsider the concept of abundance and the nature of giving.


Artist Lynne Harlow hung a multi-panel banner in front of the Cole Memorial Chapel at Wheaton College in Norton, MA in support of Resonance, a public art event that was presented on campus in winter 2018.  The event, a dance party for students and the community, was part of an ongoing art project that investigates the relationship between color and music, then culminates in a dj dance party where all the songs come from people who text song suggestions based on their reactions to a deep orange color. ‘Resonance’ explores the intersection of color and sounds with an emphasis on our personal, deeply subjective associations. It asks ‘What does color sound like? How do your associations with music and color overlap with and differ from mine?’